Monticello Little League Challengers get a CRF boost!

Monticello Little League hosts a team to allow physically disabled players a venue and format to play America’s pasttime. The kids enjoy the same thrills and lessons that able bodied players do but with some modifications to accommodate their needs. Once of the highlights of the season is the end of season tournament in Virginia Beach,VA. The tournament is expensive and sometimes financially prohibitive for some families. For the second year in a row, the Carson Raymond Foundation has made a donation to the tournament fees to allow the team to participate in Virginia Beach. C.J. Gross, who heads up the Challenger Baseball League, shared that, “I am extremely excited and grateful for the gift to the organization! It will be a tremendous boost for us. I also appreciate the contributions the Carson Raymond Foundation is making throughout the community. Again, please express our deepest gratitude to the board and I want to thank you personally for seeing the value of the Challenger division and what it means to these families.”